World’s 1st (and ONLY) Donut Personality Oracle

If you were a donut what kind of donut would you be? Your choice of flavor, shape, topping and filling can reflect more than just your taste; it can reveal your individual nature.

Before you check the World’s First Donut Personality Oracle, create your ideal donut in your mind's eye. Alternatively, wait to be inspired in the moment as you read the 4 questions below.

Here are the Q's so you can get a head start:

  1. If you were a donut, would you be plain or flavored?
  2. What shape would you be - round, with or without a hole, or maybe another shape altogether? 
  3. Do you have a filling, and if so, is your donut filled with jam, fruit, or cream?
  4. And what about a topping, would you be sprinkled with plain sugar, icing, chocolate, or something more colorful?


Are you a plain donut or are you flavored?

  • If you’re plain then you are traditional, honest, and dependable, but it doesn’t mean you don’t step over the line every now and again!
  • If you’re...
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Meditation to Send Healing to Manchester, the World and YOURSELF!


Hello everyone, join me for a healing meditation to send support to those suffering and in pain after the events in Manchester, England last night.

We learned how to sense energy and then we channeled light and love to those on the earth plane and in spirit. We spread that energy to include everyone and everything in a zone of love and light  If it feels right for you, please share this video with your community too, thank you!

Let me know in the comments below how you experienced the energy during the exercise and while we were sending healing light.


May 23, 2017, 6:28pm Giovanna Parente

Hi Elizabeth. I have been following your channel for several years now. I like listening to the angel/crystal messages. You are such a positive, warm and caring person. Sometimes all these events where innocent people’s lives are cut short because of terroriism makes me feel unsafe any very angry too. Its so...

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Angel Energy Orbs

Yesterday I received an email from one of my community letting me know about the ORBS in my latest Angel Messages video. So I'm sharing those up close and personal with you here Watch and you'll see what I mean 

I'm practical when it comes to orbs (yeah really). I look for other sources, you know, insects, moving lights, reflections, etc. There was nothing else around causing these - other than my ANGELS that is.

I had a close look at the video and saw a mass of energy above my Angel Wings painting where the first lot of orbs are coming from. There are some more in the original ANGEL MESSAGES video just after 1 minute in so make sure to watch that - and get an Angel Message too!

Are you ready to ignite the light within you? You can join SACRED CONNECTIONS: a 44-day meditation journey to access the guidance, love, and support of your guides and angels every day.  Are you in? FIND OUT MORE HERE>>>

I would love to welcome you into my Living with Intuition free...

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How to Connect With Your Loved Ones in Spirit

In today's LIVE session I'm sharing how you can connect and communicate with your loved ones in Spirit, including a meditation to help you connect with and receive a gift from a loved one

Mediumship takes the vibration to a higher level and this often upsets electronics, so while I was taking everyone through a meditation the system stopped even though the Internet was on and the recording continued, the Live Stream stopped. So this is the recording.

Want to learn more about your SPIRIT TEAM? 

Are you ready to ignite the light within you? You can join SACRED CONNECTIONS: a 44-day meditation journey to access the guidance, love, and support of your guides and angels every day.  Are you in? FIND OUT MORE HERE>>>

Let me know in the comments below what came up for you during the chat and meditation, and please SHARE this video with your community, thank you!



Georgina Sudron a lovely meditation i would say the colour of grief for me...
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NEW Archangel Jewelry and Message From Your Angels

  Join me for an impromptu chat about what I've been doing plus I share an Archangel oracle, so it's an opportunity for you to get a little extra message from your Angels today  

Let me know in the comments below which number you chose and if the messages resonate for you. Remember to pick up the Archangel Raphael Heal All Prayer, just click on the box below to get started.


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Demario Estelle Hi how much
Sofia Just Love all your braceletes.
bracelete 3
Kelly I chose #3 - I saw this video May 2nd around 1pm and I jotted down that I was supposed to get a book name within the next 44 hours. So, I'm going about my day today...I turned on Hay House radio and was listening to Sonia Coquette...she began talking to a caller and said "I really want you to have this book - The Psychic Pathway" and I stopped and thought I need to jot that down...then I saw the note to self from yesterday and I'm thinking - this is it! Holy cow - incredible!!
Kim No...
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Your Questions Answered: About Universal Energy PLUS an Energy Meditation

Q+A Tuesdays with Elizabeth Harper

This was a great session. Please share it with your community Our chat includes information on the energy around you, the power of words, what to do about negative energy in readings, how to deepen your intuition, PLUS an amazing energy meditation led by my Guides and Angels and inspired by wearing my ANGEL WINGS WRAP

Lots of links for you to check out from today's session:


Thank you everyone for joining me, I'm having so much fun with you all on Tuesdays

Posted by Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Are You Affected by the Full Moon? Your Psychic Questions Answered

Q+A Moon Energy, Psychic Questions and an Inner Child healing

In this week's meet up we discussed the energy of the Moon and its impact on you, included a couple of questions about seeing visions and dreams, and went through a meditation to connect your awareness of light with the energy of the Full Moon to bring healing for your Inner Child. Please share the video with your community and let me know what gift you received during the meditation. 

Remember to pick up your FREE Guiding Angel meditation




Cynthia Also, my gift was a basket - I have NO clue what that means.....yet.
Cynthia Thank you again for a wonderful video!   There's so much I want to share, but I'll try to keep it short and sweet. For about the past 5 yrs I have gotten goosebumps on just my scalp. It's feels so wierd and it's completely random. Now I'm wondering if that is my...
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Being a Light Worker, Why Crystals Break: Your Psychic Questions Answered

Q+A Light Worker and Psychic Questions Answered - Facebook Live

Join me weekly on Tuesdays at NOON New York Time on my FB page LIVE. This week we talked about being a Light Worker, the Ego, and about being the light, why crystal break, plus a meditation to call in the light and receive a gift from our Spirit Team letting us know they are always there. Links mentioned - get a free gift on my website (invite your Spirit Team to guide you) - - come to my Intuition Playshop at the Omega Institute this July - see you there!

Posted by Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love on Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Cynthia Hello Elizabeth. Thank you for this so much. I didn't even know you did these talks! SUPER HAPPY!! I did this meditation and as soon as you said to "where's the tension", I felt like I was drowning, I was gasping for air, but I wasn't. But I felt a...
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Q+A Your Psychic Questions Answered

Your Psychic Gifts Questions Answered

Hello Angels Check below for the color meditation link I mentioned. I've answered some of the questions you asked me about your psychic gifts, plus there's a lovely meditation to help you connect with a special being of light and receive a gift Thanks for joining me live, we'll do it again same time same place next week, please spread the word

Posted by Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love on Tuesday, March 28, 2017



Hung Morin Hi Elizabeth, very nice to talk with you. I have just lost my job for a stupid reason. But, this is not matter. The main problem is that I have no desire to find new job. I don't know the reason although I having nothing to spend without job. What happened to me?
Sofia I was able to connect to my mum in spirit, she was gone when I turn 15 years old.
She gave me the gif of Abudance, whatever that really means I do not know.
The angels where waving their hands and it came a Song to my mind,...
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Q & A: What you most want to know about your Psychic Gifts - Week 1

This is a recording of the first set of questions I received based on what you most want to know about your psychic gifts.

I received so many questions that I'm splitting them up and will chat with you again next week live on Facebook and will post the recordings after the sessions here on my website. Hope you enjoy the session!

If you want to develop your sensitivities try my Color Meditation to help you intuit what's ahead for you.

Grab my FREE GIFT to help you tune into your personal month and year colors.

Love you 
elizabeth XOXO


Renata Hello Elizabeth,

I participated in your color meditation video today... Jesus Christ came to me during the meditation with a beautiful pink ray light beam... I had a real vision of it and it was beautiful...

Thank you for your videos...

Christina Thank you Elizabeth! Thank you so much! I love how I feel when I hear your voice. I am so open to learning more! I felt the white light around me and I felt...
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