A Message from the Butterflies

I've been concerned about how many Monarch butterflies I've not seen. Only one of these beauties made it to my garden this year. I thought that maybe my intention to nurture the milkweed plant so the Monarchs would have a place to breed was too little too late, but apparently this isn't the issue.

It seems the problem - as I understand it - is that a combination of genetically modified fruit and vegetable seeds plus bug killing fertilizer is to blame for wiping out 95% of the butterfly population.

As I spent part of this morning in photoshop creating a thumbnail image my mind wandered into my imagination. I began to wonder what the Divine would have changed if photoshop had been available at the beginning of time. Maybe all the wrinkles on an elephants skin would have been photoshoped out, or the leaves as they change from green to gold would be one color instead of many, or maybe sunsets would be every color of the...

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Facebook Live Painting a Soul Rainbow Silk with Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love

** This was a FACEBOOK LIVE event ** Join Elizabeth's FB Page HERE

Can you intuit the shapes, symbols and meanings as I tune in and paint on the silk? Let me know in the comments below what you pick up.

It's incredibly powerful to know and embrace your SOUL COLORS. Wrapping yourself in your Soul Silk can inspire and heal you. It can help you realize your purpose and open your heart to the abundance you deserve.  

If you want to connect with and surround yourself with the amazing colors of your own Soul Rainbow then you can find out more HERE

LOVE + Blessings
elizabeth XOXO
Thank you for sharing this video


Shirley Sims Dear Elizabeth, I was watching this as a recording and the symbols you drew in the beginning were almost the symbol for Reiki Chokaray. As a master level Reiki, this symbol is always used in our practice.   I also had seen the yellow, ( or Gold) as the first color. I truly appreciate spirit allowing you to be a confirmation for...
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When is an Aura NOT an Aura?

Before I write my Love Notes to you I frequently ask my guides for inspiration. So yesterday morning I lay in bed with this question in my mind. First thing in the morning is a great time to connect with your guides and angels during that moment when you're just waking up and your mind hasn't quite caught up.

That's when the title When is an Aura NOT an Aura popped into my head. So what does that mean?

I asked my spirit crew and they told me to "go within to find the answer." I didn't particularly like that response. I remember asking them if I should relax the age limit for my Intuition Playshop and allow a young teen to attend. Their reply was "do what feels best for you." BUT I wanted them to tell me what to do, not make me work for the answer, but you see, guides don't really do that. They don't TELL you, they guide you like a personal Life Coach to find the answer for yourself, an answer that comes from within. That way it's more meaningful and true to you. Have you...

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We have no FRIENDS

One of my favorite sayings is... 

We have no friends
We have no enemies
We only have teachers

What does that mean?

To me it says that we are guiding and teaching each other all the time and we have something to learn from our relationship. We of course learn love from those who love us, but even when someone says something hurtful or seems to ignore us, there is a lesson to be found in this experience and its something we can use to learn more about who we are.

When someone you don't even know triggers an emotional response in you then you know there is a lesson to be learned, because you are experiencing something about yourself in response to that connection. Get it?

Here's a couple of "for instances"

If you email someone and they ignore you - what feelings come up for you?

If you get cut off by another driver - what feelings come up for you?

If someone says "NO" to you - what feelings come up for you? 

If your ex partner or friend is now with someone else...

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7 Meditation Tips to Connect With Your INTUITION



Everyone is intuitive. Its a natural part of your being. It's not "out there," and it's not just for the select few, it comes from within, it's your birthright.

Inner Tuition = your guide to knowledge and truth

Your intuition offers you direct access to the Divine. You know what that means don't you? You get all your questions answered, provided you're open to receive that is.

Imagine for a moment that you don't have access to your Intuition. It would be like trying to get from where you live now to a city on the other side of the world without the use of a map. OK so your intellect would probably find a map, but your intuition would guide you to where to get that map. Get it?

Ideally your intellect and your intuition work together through your THIRD EYE

Intuition speaks to you through your feelings and knowing. One of the best ways to connect with it is through quieting the mind and you can do this through...

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Try this Intuitive Exercise with Elizabeth


* Can you sense energy?

* Do you walk into a room and feel a vibe straight away?

* Do you meet someone for the first time and immediately know about that person?

I want to share my experience of energy with you and a quick way to sense and interpret it. Let me know in the comments below what you pick up during this exercise.

You can learn more about your intuition and psychic gifts in my INTUITION PLAYSHOP July 16th-21st 2017 at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in NY.

Learn More Here

I look forward to seeing you there
XOXO elizabeth




georgina sudron there was a warmth in my energy the colour what came up was pink which i think that is a love colour after rubbing hands the energy seemed to be warmer and more heavier
marylin Felt great warmth between my hands and saw a pink to crimson colour, which reminded me of warmth and depth and
an image of my mother who used that colour quite a lot.
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7 TIPS to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

"If you prefer blindness, keep your eyes closed. If you prefer deafness keep your ears closed. But if you are wise, you will open the windows of your soul so that you can become aware of that mighty, vast power of the spirit which will strengthen and encourage you and make you know how life can be lived and enjoyed to the full."
Philosophy of Silver Birch (Spirit Guide of Maurice Barbanell) 

Before I begin my Love Letter to my community of lightworkers, I ask Alim - my main guide - to guide me to write what your soul wants to receive and what my soul needs to offer. I do this in different ways and I'll share how in a moment.

Firstly, Spirit Guides are usually souls who have walked the earth and are in spirit discarnate, or in some cases are walking the earth now incarnate and may just live in a different part of the world. We have at least one spirit guide. My understanding is that we have one who stays with us throughout our lives, others can come and go.

So we can imagine...

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What's Your FAIRY NAME?

"What's Your FAIRY Name?" Use my Fairy Easy Generator to discover what your fairy name is.

Add the first letter of your FIRST NAME to the DAY and MONTH you were born to find your name.


Let's have some fun, COMMENT what your name is. Share the image with your friends so they can discover their FAIRY Names too. If you can't read the text on the image just right click and open image in a new tab. ENJOY!!!




Jackie Daisy Glitter Tinsel Tights   I love it !!!
Sharon Correction
Butterfly Glitter Twinkle Toes
Sharon Butterfly Twinkle Toes
Love it!
LoruAnn Honey Gliimmer Golden Pants
ardis Petal Jingle Glisten pants
Arie Marie My Fairy name was "Petal Gossamer Crystal Tips" This was so fun, and I loved hearing everyone's names!
Arie Marie My Fairy name was "Petal Gossamer Crystal Tips"
Kathleen clover sparkle sweet lips
Marie My Fairy Name Is :

Blossom Jingle Twinkle Toes
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Does Your Garbage Have a Consciousness?

Many years ago I went through a phase of extreme sensitivity to the communication of living and inanimate objects. I was used to hearing flowers and tress and would often sense the vibrations of cut flowers on a stand situated at the entrance to the Underground/Subway near my home in London. The flowers wanted to see the light, to be in the sunshine instead of in a tunnel of darkness. It touched my heart and saddened my soul to hear their pleas. It stopped me from going to that Underground station and it was the nearest one to my home.

Have you ever heard something inanimate speaking to you and thought you'd lost your marbles?

I remember one day toasting my morning crumpets and looking in the fridge for butter – crumpets always taste best with oodles of butter. Just as I picked up the carton of butter I heard a small voice say, “What about me?” It came from inside the fridge. I carefully rearranged the shelves and right at the back found another carton with a...

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How to Use the Lilac Flame of Transmutation

Mercury goes retrograde at the end of April, that's when traditionally communication and technology goes a little haywire. Well, for the last 48 hours I've experienced my very own personal pre-Mercury retrograde action one month early.

Remember our external world reflects what's going on in our inner world.

Having problems with computers is nothing new for me. When I was in my 20's I signed up for a computer course - this was way before personal computers. It was a weekly class, but I only managed to go the one time, here's why.

The first computer I sat in front of shut down almost as soon as I touched it. The instructor thought there was a problem with the computer - let's blame the tools right - but it happened again with the next one. He moved me to a third computer and watched me very closely, but sadly this piece of machinery didn't stand a chance, it was no match for my energy. When it duly packed up he simply said "I don't think you should be working with...

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