Have you seen a SPARKLE lately?

Last week, I sent a Love Letter to you about celebrating with your loved ones in spirit. I had some really beautiful comments on the video, one in particular caught my eye. It came from one of my Soul Circle members. Here's what she said:

That was awesome! As you were talking, I was thinking about my baby sister who died while I was still a toddler and yes, I do remember it all very well. What I refer to as ‘fairie lights’ lit up all around my computer screen for maybe just 2 seconds but it was just fabulous!!! I’ve never had that happen right in front of me like that! Thanks for another amazing video!

So this got me thinking. I'm always seeing these lights, especially when I record my weekly Angel and monthly Crystal videos. My question for you is... 

...do you see these sparkles of light too?

If you do, then what do you call them? Some people call them fairy or angel lights. For myself, I've noticed they tend to align with the energy of...

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Celebrating With Your Loved Ones In Spirit



I was 10 years old when my brother Philip died in a car accident. But I was lucky, I was able to communicate with him even at such an early age.

Love never dies, neither does your spirit.

It can be heartbreaking to lose a loved one and you need to know that they are only a thought away. When you think of them, they're thinking of you too.

This profound realization aligns with an interesting incident that happened to me recently. I want to share more about that and 3 ways you can use to reach out and communicate with your loved ones. 

I've made a short video with my thoughts. Remember to share your thoughts and insights in the comments below the video. And, if it inspires you, please share the video with those you know would benefit from it, thank you!

LOVE + blessings
XOXO elizabeth


Teresa My daughter and I see Angel sparkles all the time. We believe that it's a positive message from the angels validating a particular belief or situation that we're...
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What's Your Biggest Intuitive Block?



Are you intuitive? Of course, you are, everyone is, and yet so many people deny their intuitive gift. Why? Maybe our culture, history, or education have impacted our inner truth with old fears and superstitions. Globally it's time to reshape old beliefs within a changing world that's opening its eyes and hearts to a new way of being, and it starts right here and now with YOU!


Every week I ask you to tap into your intuition. I'm essentially guiding you to strengthen your intuitive gift. But if you're one of the people that says "I guessed" instead of "I intuited" then you need to hear what I have to share.

Watch the video then click on the image below to get the ebook I created especially for you:


Share your thoughts and insights in the comments below. And, if it inspires you, please share the video with those you know would benefit from it, thank you!

LOVE + blessings

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What's Holding You Back? Mercury Retrograde or Something else?



I've just returned from a golfing trip with my husband Win. I had a couple of lessons with a golf pro and he said something that made my ears prick up. 

"We don't learn by getting every shot right, we learn from our mistakes." Hmmm, well, where have I heard that one before? 

It's something that's ingrained in us isn't it, make a mistake and then you can learn, BUT what if we were to change that idea and create a whole new way of thinking?

We have our own consciousness and then we have a mass consciousness. Think about all those ideas that have been passed down to us that are essentially stopping us from being successful, happy, loved.    


We're currently moving through Mercury Retrograde, now that could very well be holding you back, but it's yet another energy that's feeding the mass consciousness - and it's feeding your...

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What Happens When You're Missing a Color?




 What color is your name?

In my color kit, you can find out the colors and the vibrations in your name. Everything has energy, and energy links in with light, and light is COLOR.

There are colors in your name, colors you’re wearing, colors surrounding you, colors you eat, colors of your car, colors are everywhere.

We’re impacted by the vibration of colors on lots of different levels.

So what does a missing color mean? If there is a color missing from your name, what does that tell you? 

I have a few thoughts to share with you on the idea of missing colors and what that missing energy means for you.

Sending love and coloricious blessings,
XOXO elizabeth

Explore Your True Colors



Rae I have come to love all the colours equally which is a challenge when I have to choose one.
Susan I am confused. How do I discover what...
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The Divine Feminine and You!


We talk about God, although I prefer to call this power the GREAT SPIRIT. With a God, there is a Goddess and I feel she is making herself known in her own way. I've shared with you one of the ways her energy is manifesting in and through YOU!

Please share in the comments below what your intuitive insights are on the subject of this video and the Divine Feminine.

Remember to get the Archangel Gabriel prayer as my gift to you. I see Gabriel as a predominantly feminine essence who supports your creativity, intuition and creative expression. If you've been feeling lost or purposeless, she can help you communicate with your soul's wisdom.

Make sure to get your Archangel Gabriel prayer from me. 
Click on the image below to download your FREE PRAYER! 

Lots of angel blessings and love to you. 
XOXO elizabeth


Click here to get Archangel Gabriel's prayer 

Check out - Are Your Expectations Failing You?


tere I was a single parent, in 1970. In the 1980's it did seem like a lot of women...
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3 Self-Care Check In Questions for Valentine's Day




I would love to welcome you into my Living with Intuition free Facebook group.

Remember to pick up your FREE Guiding Angel meditation





Margie Stahr Dearest Elizabeth, You have been in my life for about 16 years. I m sure you remember Nancy from Emerald Springs. I was an employee. You give me so much guidance that I wanted to send you hearts and kisses for Valentine's Day! Love to you.?
Sambrina lino Beste elizabeht
Alles wat je zeg is waar .
Ik heb er veel steun aanik wil je bedankenin liefde en licht
marie-hélène Thank you Dear Elizabeth for this video full of truth and caring advise.
Wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day full of Light and Love.
Carleen Thank you Elizabeth. Powerful and profound and exactly what I needed to reflect on (earlier today I was...
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Spirit Guide Epiphany

One of my Spirit Guides likes to talk to me as if I'm teaching what is being shared. It's hard to explain, but I get lots of aha moments through this technique. It allows my mind to go with the flow as I see, hear, sense and speak the words channeling through me.

I often find teachings from my guides emerge after life's experiences trigger little cosmic clues. Over the weekend, I was part of a traditional Seneca celebration to honor the harvest called Genundowa or Festival of Lights.  In a moment of quiet, I thought about all the spiritual books I grew up with. A lot of them were about conversations with one or another author's spirit guide, many of whom were native spirits. I then found myself talking about why there are so many native Spirit Guides.

Have you ever wondered that? 

I took it for granted that their deep respect for and knowledge of "the Great Spirit" ...

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Are You Listening?

If you're sensitive to earth's energy you might have been feeling drained lately. There have been peaks in the Schumann Resonance - the heartbeat of the earth. This is a frequency in the electromagnetic field around the earth that is said to align with the human brain waves, alpha and theta. When it peaks we can experience tiredness, dizziness, even depression.   

We're conditioned into thinking these symptoms indicate there's something wrong physically. When you're plugged into the earth you can pick up changes in the energy, but it's also true of your spiritual world. 

Your intuition sends you signs through the vibration of your being and you can feel these messages in your body. Problems emerge when you don't listen. The listening isn't a voice, its changes detected in your body when you're "in tune" with it's vibration.

I use this awareness of my physical vibration to make intuitive decisions.

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Are You Raising Consciousness?

Today I asked my Guides and Angels for inspiration and was guided to an old book in my library originally published in 1938, Murdo Macdonald Bayne's, The Higher Power You Can Use. 

I opened the book to a random page and began to read. The message was all about our perception of reality and that without a feeling of separation we could have no knowledge of unity.

I read this book when I was a child and it certainly influenced my consciousness. 

I continued to read until I found something that felt like it wanted to be shared with you. I'd just finished my breakfast of an avocado, so this paragraph sparked my interest.

"When you take in food you raise it in vibration - it is spiritualized by contact with your spiritual power and passes into the atmosphere through your aura. It is the same substance that was taken from the ground, only you have raised its vibration and dispersed it into the atmosphere. Just as you take the substance of this...

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