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Spring Cleaning!

Feng Shui – The Chakra Guide to Coming Clean With Clutter

In my work as a psychic and color intuitive, I find a lot of my clients surrounded energetically by a mess of confusion, often reflected in their homes as clutter.

Imagine each room in your home represents chakra energy – the mechanism of the subtle bodies - what does your home say about your chakras?

Any clutter creates confusion. It reflects an inability or unwillingness to clear debris and heal the source of an issue. In other words, clutter covers issues. So, untidiness may well be preventing you from recognizing and healing specific chakras and their associated energies. 

For instance, the root chakra is associated with all things physical – the career, home, money, relationships, food, etc.  Clutter in a room associated with the root chakra would be covering up one or more challenges you may be having in these areas of your life. If you are having problems with...

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How to Use the Lilac Flame of Transmutation

Mercury goes retrograde at the end of April, that's when traditionally communication and technology goes a little haywire. Well, for the last 48 hours I've experienced my very own personal pre-Mercury retrograde action one month early.

Remember our external world reflects what's going on in our inner world.

Having problems with computers is nothing new for me. When I was in my 20's I signed up for a computer course - this was way before personal computers. It was a weekly class, but I only managed to go the one time, here's why.

The first computer I sat in front of shut down almost as soon as I touched it. The instructor thought there was a problem with the computer - let's blame the tools right - but it happened again with the next one. He moved me to a third computer and watched me very closely, but sadly this piece of machinery didn't stand a chance, it was no match for my energy. When it duly packed up he simply said "I don't think you should be working with...

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