Did You See the Angel Orb?


This past week, my beautiful friend Christine VanCoughnett taught an Akashic records Masterclass inside One Soul, my Inner Circle membership. She's a master teacher and healer and shared over 2 hours of solid gold wisdom, so it's no surprise to see an orb move through her space. I didn't see it! Stephanie, one of our members spotted the spirit energy fly past her knee.

Watch the video. In the slow motion part you'll see to the right a light orb come flying through the frame. I named it an ANGEL ORB. Why? Well, because it looks like an angel, wings and all. When I isolated the image - and you can't see it very well here - the orb seemed to be made of a string of hearts.

So, what is an orb?

Orbs are points of light that don't necessarily appear to the naked eye. I believe there are a variety of reasons for their presence. As communication between the earth and spiritual planes. As messengers too. They often appear around creative pursuits like music events, or...

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Angel Energy Orbs

Yesterday I received an email from one of my community letting me know about the ORBS in my latest Angel Messages video. So I'm sharing those up close and personal with you here Watch and you'll see what I mean 

I'm practical when it comes to orbs (yeah really). I look for other sources, you know, insects, moving lights, reflections, etc. There was nothing else around causing these - other than my ANGELS that is.

I had a close look at the video and saw a mass of energy above my Angel Wings painting where the first lot of orbs are coming from. There are some more in the original ANGEL MESSAGES video just after 1 minute in so make sure to watch that - and get an Angel Message too!

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