Spirit Guide Epiphany

One of my Spirit Guides likes to talk to me as if I'm teaching what is being shared. It's hard to explain, but I get lots of aha moments through this technique. It allows my mind to go with the flow as I see, hear, sense and speak the words channeling through me.

I often find teachings from my guides emerge after life's experiences trigger little cosmic clues. Over the weekend, I was part of a traditional Seneca celebration to honor the harvest called Genundowa or Festival of Lights.  In a moment of quiet, I thought about all the spiritual books I grew up with. A lot of them were about conversations with one or another author's spirit guide, many of whom were native spirits. I then found myself talking about why there are so many native Spirit Guides.

Have you ever wondered that? 

I took it for granted that their deep respect for and knowledge of "the Great Spirit" ...

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Are You Listening?

If you're sensitive to earth's energy you might have been feeling drained lately. There have been peaks in the Schumann Resonance - the heartbeat of the earth. This is a frequency in the electromagnetic field around the earth that is said to align with the human brain waves, alpha and theta. When it peaks we can experience tiredness, dizziness, even depression.   

We're conditioned into thinking these symptoms indicate there's something wrong physically. When you're plugged into the earth you can pick up changes in the energy, but it's also true of your spiritual world. 

Your intuition sends you signs through the vibration of your being and you can feel these messages in your body. Problems emerge when you don't listen. The listening isn't a voice, its changes detected in your body when you're "in tune" with it's vibration.

I use this awareness of my physical vibration to make intuitive decisions.

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Are You Raising Consciousness?

Today I asked my Guides and Angels for inspiration and was guided to an old book in my library originally published in 1938, Murdo Macdonald Bayne's, The Higher Power You Can Use. 

I opened the book to a random page and began to read. The message was all about our perception of reality and that without a feeling of separation we could have no knowledge of unity.

I read this book when I was a child and it certainly influenced my consciousness. 

I continued to read until I found something that felt like it wanted to be shared with you. I'd just finished my breakfast of an avocado, so this paragraph sparked my interest.

"When you take in food you raise it in vibration - it is spiritualized by contact with your spiritual power and passes into the atmosphere through your aura. It is the same substance that was taken from the ground, only you have raised its vibration and dispersed it into the atmosphere. Just as you take the substance of this...

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World’s 1st (and ONLY) Donut Personality Oracle

If you were a donut what kind of donut would you be? Your choice of flavor, shape, topping and filling can reflect more than just your taste; it can reveal your individual nature.

Before you check the World’s First Donut Personality Oracle create your ideal donut in your mind's eye. Alternatively, wait to be inspired in the moment as you read the 4 questions below.

Are you a plain donut or are you flavored?

  • If you’re plain then you are traditional, honest and dependable, but it doesn’t mean you don’t step over the line every now and again!
  • If you’re a flavored donut well you’re a bit saucy, playful, and like to have a laugh. You do have a serious side though so it’s not all fun and games.

Our next question is about the shape - are you a round donut, with or without a hole or are you a different shape altogether?

  • If you’re round with a hole you like to know what’s happening in your life; you don’t like tricks played on...
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Meditation to Send Healing to Manchester, the World and YOURSELF!


Hello everyone, join me for a healing meditation to send support to those suffering and in pain after the events in Manchester, England last night. These are links mentioned during the event:

Archangel Michael Prayer for Cleansing & Protection
Archangel Raphael Heal All Prayer
Your Invitation to Join my Community

We learned how to sense energy and then we channeled light and love to those on the earth plane and in spirit. We spread that energy to include everyone and everything in a zone of love and light  If it feels right for you, please share this video with your community too, thank you!

Let me know in the comments below how you experienced the energy during the exercise and while we were sending healing light.



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May 23, 2017, 6:28pm Giovanna Parente

Hi Elizabeth. I have been following your channel for several years now. I like listening to the angel/crystal messages. You...

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Angel Energy Orbs

Yesterday I received an email from one of my community letting me know about the ORBS in my latest Angel Messages video. So I'm sharing those up close and personal with you here Watch and you'll see what I mean 

I'm practical when it comes to orbs (yeah really). I look for other sources, you know, insects, moving lights, reflections, etc. There was nothing else around causing these - other than my ANGELS that is.

I had a close look at the video and saw a mass of energy above my Angel Wings painting where the first lot of orbs are coming from. There are some more in the original ANGEL MESSAGES video just after 1 minute in so make sure to watch that - and get an Angel Message too!

Watch the Angel Messages Video Below


I mentioned the Angel Wings Wrap in this video and you can see that by clicking here 


Susan I love this! I also see a bright blue aura around you in this video. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this, it's wonderful!
Diana Gilbert...
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How to Connect With Your Loved Ones in Spirit

In today's LIVE session I'm sharing how you can connect and communicate with your loved ones in Spirit, including a meditation to help you connect with and receive a gift from a loved one

Pick up my gifts to you

Archangel Michael Prayer for Cleansing & Protection
Archangel Raphael Heal All Prayer

Mediumship takes the vibration to a higher level and this often upsets electronics, so while I was taking everyone through a meditation the system stopped even though the Internet was on and the recording continued, the Live Stream stopped. So this is the recording.

Want to learn more about your SPIRIT TEAM? Check out my Connecting With Your Guides & Angels course HERE

Let me know in the comments below what came up for you during the chat and meditation, and please SHARE this video with your community, thank you!


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Georgina Sudron a lovely meditation i would say the colour of grief for me is black i was connecting with my dad in spirit the...
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NEW Archangel Jewelry and Message From Your Angels

  Join me for an impromptu chat about what I've been doing plus I share an Archangel oracle, so it's an opportunity for you to get a little extra message from your Angels today  

Let me know in the comments below which number you chose and if the messages resonate for you. Remember to pick up the Archangel Raphael Heal All Prayer, just click on the box below to get started.


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Demario Estelle Hi how much
Sofia Just Love all your braceletes.
bracelete 3
Kelly I chose #3 - I saw this video May 2nd around 1pm and I jotted down that I was supposed to get a book name within the next 44 hours. So, I'm going about my day today...I turned on Hay House radio and was listening to Sonia Coquette...she began talking to a caller and said "I really want you to have this book - The Psychic Pathway" and I stopped and thought I need to jot that down...then I saw the note to self from yesterday and I'm thinking - this is it! Holy cow - incredible!!
Kim No...
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Your Questions Answered: About Universal Energy PLUS an Energy Meditation

Q+A Tuesdays with Elizabeth Harper

This was a great session. Please share it with your community Our chat includes information on the energy around you, the power of words, what to do about negative energy in readings, how to deepen your intuition, PLUS an amazing energy meditation led by my Guides and Angels and inspired by wearing my ANGEL WINGS WRAP

Lots of links for you to check out from today's session:

Angels Wings Wrap - https://www.sealedwithlove.com/products/angel-wings-wrap

Archangel Michael Prayer for Cleansing & Protection

Color Meditation for your month & year ahead

Thank you everyone for joining me, I'm having so much fun with you all on Tuesdays

Posted by Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Are You Affected by the Full Moon? Your Psychic Questions Answered

Q+A Moon Energy, Phychic Questions and an Inner Child healing

In this week's meet up we discussed the energy of the Moon and it's impact on you, included a couple of questions about seeing visions and dreams, and went through a meditation to connection your awareness of light with the energy of the full Moon to bring healing for your Inner Child. Please share the video with your community and let me know what gift you received during the meditation. Remember to pick up your ARCHANGEL MICHAEL PRAYER  


Cynthia Also, my gift was a basket - I have NO clue what that means.....yet.
Cynthia Thank you again for a wonderful video!   There's so much I want to share, but I'll try to keep it short and sweet. For about the past 5 yrs I have gotten goosebumps on just my scalp. It's feels so wierd and it's completely random. Now I'm wondering if that is my team being close. Now, that I'm aware I'll keep my eyes out for what's going on when it happens. I also...
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