Meditation Minute to Release Pain


Last week I shared that my soul needs more enlightenment. This week my guides and Angels inspired me to create this meditation to begin the work of releasing pain.

Focus on one thing that is causing you pain, that is getting in the way of your success, happiness and joy, then join the meditation with the intention of letting it go. This MEDITATION MINUTE might be short, but it packs a punch. 
Please share in the comments below your experience with this meditation. Thank you! 


Sharon  I felt like you were talking just me I felt so relaxed everything fell into place it was just perfect thank U thank U for all your blessings all your gifting and all your sharing the world needs it sending love right back to you
Sharon  I felt like you were talking just me I felt so relaxed everything fell into place it was just perfect thank U thank U for all your blessings all your gifting and all your sharing the world needs it sending love right back to...
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A Love Letter Message from Elizabeth


I've been getting a strong message from my guides and angels on the direction my work needs to take this year - and it was kind of a surprise to me.

I had my own ideas but it seems the "light" has another agenda. Once I let go of my resistance it felt completely in alignment with my soul's purpose.

Instead of writing about it...

...I wanted to share my thoughts in a conversation with you. I recorded a video to let you in on what's been coming up for me.

Maybe what I have to share resonates with you too. I'd love your feedback. Watch the video and please share your thoughts in the comments below.

LOVE + Blessings 
elizabeth XOXO



Patricia Hello Dear Elizabeth it was really great and an spiritual journey for me to listen to your love letter because this has been the way in which I have been feeling lately also, with a spiritual life very very long and working daily to cleanse my energy I found myself at this point in the middle of this big change too,...
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Soul Rainbow Silk Live Painting & Angel Reading

Facebook Live painting of a Soul Rainbow silk. Intuit the shapes, symbols and meanings as I tune in and paint on the silk. For the included ANGEL CARD READING select card 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 for a message from your angels, plus intuit the color associated with your number.

You can also click on the LIKE and SHARE button on the video to share the video with your friends on Facebook - how cool is that!

Let me know in the comments below if you intuited the colors and if the Angel Messages resonate for you too.

LOVE + blessings to U! 
XOXO elizabeth

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Michelle Sorry this is ty the rainbow silk again.. When I said this is the Melissa, was becouse I am actuly Michelle.. I was humming Michelle my bell.. You mentioned music.. Tytyty I love you ??
Michelle Hello my fellow Angel this is the...
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Message from your ANGELS

This morning I asked my guides what to write to you. I was directed to select some angel cards. When I ask and get an answer I'm not hearing someone tell me - at least not in this instance. Instead I found my gaze wandering to my cards and I knew that the answer was to pull a couple.

This is what came up, it's a message for all of us as we travel through this month of transformation and change.

Surrender & Release

Let go of anything or anyone you've been holding onto. You can't take them with you - they have to want to go - and by wanting them to come with you on your terms you're just trying to control their lives. We all have choices and while we might think the choices made by someone else are "wrong" we cannot take that choice away from them. That's how we learn, that's how we know what is right for us.

Focus on what you need to release, what is holding you back, what's in the way of your success, what are you carrying with you from the past that no longer serves...

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A Message from the Butterflies

I've been concerned about how many Monarch butterflies I've not seen. Only one of these beauties made it to my garden this year. I thought that maybe my intention to nurture the milkweed plant so the Monarchs would have a place to breed was too little too late, but apparently this isn't the issue.

It seems the problem - as I understand it - is that a combination of genetically modified fruit and vegetable seeds plus bug killing fertilizer is to blame for wiping out 95% of the butterfly population.

As I spent part of this morning in photoshop creating a thumbnail image my mind wandered into my imagination. I began to wonder what the Divine would have changed if photoshop had been available at the beginning of time. Maybe all the wrinkles on an elephants skin would have been photoshoped out, or the leaves as they change from green to gold would be one color instead of many, or maybe sunsets would be every color of the...

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Facebook Live Painting a Soul Rainbow Silk with Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love

** This was a FACEBOOK LIVE event ** Join Elizabeth's FB Page HERE

Can you intuit the shapes, symbols and meanings as I tune in and paint on the silk? Let me know in the comments below what you pick up.

It's incredibly powerful to know and embrace your SOUL COLORS. Wrapping yourself in your Soul Silk can inspire and heal you. It can help you realize your purpose and open your heart to the abundance you deserve.  

If you want to connect with and surround yourself with the amazing colors of your own Soul Rainbow then you can find out more HERE

LOVE + Blessings
elizabeth XOXO
Thank you for sharing this video


Shirley Sims Dear Elizabeth, I was watching this as a recording and the symbols you drew in the beginning were almost the symbol for Reiki Chokaray. As a master level Reiki, this symbol is always used in our practice.   I also had seen the yellow, ( or Gold) as the first color. I truly appreciate spirit allowing you to be a confirmation for...
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When is an Aura NOT an Aura?

Before I write my Love Notes to you I frequently ask my guides for inspiration. So yesterday morning I lay in bed with this question in my mind. First thing in the morning is a great time to connect with your guides and angels during that moment when you're just waking up and your mind hasn't quite caught up.

That's when the title When is an Aura NOT an Aura popped into my head. So what does that mean?

I asked my spirit crew and they told me to "go within to find the answer." I didn't particularly like that response. I remember asking them if I should relax the age limit for my Intuition Playshop and allow a young teen to attend. Their reply was "do what feels best for you." BUT I wanted them to tell me what to do, not make me work for the answer, but you see, guides don't really do that. They don't TELL you, they guide you like a personal Life Coach to find the answer for yourself, an answer that comes from within. That way it's more meaningful and true to you. Have you...

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We have no FRIENDS

One of my favorite sayings is... 

We have no friends
We have no enemies
We only have teachers

What does that mean?

To me it says that we are guiding and teaching each other all the time and we have something to learn from our relationship. We of course learn love from those who love us, but even when someone says something hurtful or seems to ignore us, there is a lesson to be found in this experience and its something we can use to learn more about who we are.

When someone you don't even know triggers an emotional response in you then you know there is a lesson to be learned, because you are experiencing something about yourself in response to that connection. Get it?

Here's a couple of "for instances"

If you email someone and they ignore you - what feelings come up for you?

If you get cut off by another driver - what feelings come up for you?

If someone says "NO" to you - what feelings come up for you? 

If your ex partner or friend is now with someone else...

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7 Meditation Tips to Connect With Your INTUITION



Everyone is intuitive. Its a natural part of your being. It's not "out there," and it's not just for the select few, it comes from within, it's your birthright.

Inner Tuition = your guide to knowledge and truth

Your intuition offers you direct access to the Divine. You know what that means don't you? You get all your questions answered, provided you're open to receive that is.

Imagine for a moment that you don't have access to your Intuition. It would be like trying to get from where you live now to a city on the other side of the world without the use of a map. OK so your intellect would probably find a map, but your intuition would guide you to where to get that map. Get it?

Ideally your intellect and your intuition work together through your THIRD EYE

Intuition speaks to you through your feelings and knowing. One of the best ways to connect with it is through quieting the mind and you can do this through...

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Try this Intuitive Exercise with Elizabeth


* Can you sense energy?

* Do you walk into a room and feel a vibe straight away?

* Do you meet someone for the first time and immediately know about that person?

I want to share my experience of energy with you and a quick way to sense and interpret it. Let me know in the comments below what you pick up during this exercise.

You can learn more about your intuition and psychic gifts in my INTUITION PLAYSHOP July 16th-21st 2017 at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in NY.

Learn More Here

I look forward to seeing you there
XOXO elizabeth




georgina sudron there was a warmth in my energy the colour what came up was pink which i think that is a love colour after rubbing hands the energy seemed to be warmer and more heavier
marylin Felt great warmth between my hands and saw a pink to crimson colour, which reminded me of warmth and depth and
an image of my mother who used that colour quite a lot.
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