Are You a LIGHTWORKER? Let's Start Healing the Earth

I have been looking at the energy of the world and what is coming up for us. There is a lot of change and it will be challenging to our beliefs and values. We are LIGHTWORKERS and we have chosen to be here at this time. Some people are going through incredible pain and turmoil, but we need to remember that no matter whomever is receiving or/and causing the pain, we are all part of the plan for change. It would seem like there is a lot of what we would perceive as evil in the world right now. When I look into the hearts of those bringing destruction to the lives of others I see a passion for an ideal. There is a lot of darkness in this vision, but they don't understand or not in touch with the impact of their vision. When a group of souls come together with a joint vision they can make change. It's happening particularly to many of our younger souls, they are receiving only part of the story, part of the vision. 

What I see of...
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I got my first crystal ball on my twelfth birthday. I expected to see images the same way I see spirit, but instead I saw an aura around it. I noticed that each crystal I got had a different aura but the light had the same quality. I realized that quality linked with communication and felt that all of my crystals were communicating with each other as if they had their own secret phone network.

Around 20 years ago I invited a Feng Shui expert to come to my home. He told me I needed to move my office into my bedroom and my bedroom into my living room. He also had me place specific crystals in key areas of my home. He came highly recommended - he was Madonna's expert so that's got to be good right! Interestingly though his techniques didn't work for me. You see my energy was too strong for the few crystals he used in his placements. I could completely resist their power, I knew their language! And it's because I know their language that I have successfully combined crystals with...

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7 Ways to Use the Power of Amethyst

One of my favorites crystals is Amethyst. I think it's the color that attracted me to it first The way the light hits a cluster is so mysterious and mystical all at the same time. I use it to cleanse my jewelry. Simply place one or two pieces on a cluster, leave it to do its magic for 24 hours, and hey presto, clean as a whistle! I don’t know exactly how it works, but energetically anything I leave on my cluster always feels as if it has just been through a wash cycle. I have Amethyst dotted around my office. A cluster sleeps next to my computer to cleanse the energy coming and going from it. I feel intuitively that it's about color. Most Amethyst is a rich violet, the color of change, so whenever you want to go through change or you need support as you tackle the energy of change then carry a piece with you or pop a piece inside your bed pillow.

Amethyst was once considered a precious stone. It's known as the “Stone of Spirit,” mirroring the color of the crown...

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The Best Colors to Get You What You REALLY REALLY WANT This Valentine's Day

We're getting closer to Valentine's Day so our focus on love is up front and center. This is when you'll be thinking about what's in your heart, about love, romance, a partnership, and if you're not in a relationship you might be mulling over the kind of person you want to spend more time with.  

Your heart is essentially the center of your being. When looking at the chakra system it is mid-way between the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras below, and the throat, third and crown chakras above. So the heart is very much about balance. 

When we are Ill and unhealthy we’re really experiencing an imbalance on some level within one or all of our energy bodies - physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. If we say, we are suffering from a "dis-ease" we’re really affirming that something is out of balance. I see and sense the chakras and energy fields or auras around all living things. The healthy vibrations of the human anatomy are bright, translucent,...

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Happy Thanksgiving Gratitude List

This week I wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you. No matter where you are in the world this day is based on GRATITUDE. Here are some things I am grateful for today. Let me know in the comments below What YOU ARE grateful for?

I am grateful to live in a place where there is no war. 
I am grateful for my health.
I am grateful for all the love in my life.
I am grateful that I have a close connection with my guides and loved ones in spirit.
I am grateful for the planet, the sun and all the celestial bodies that guide and support me every day.
I am grateful for a loving husband, a wonderful home and our cat Grit.
I am grateful for my family and for all the amazing friends I have.

I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU! It's because of you that I am here. 

Happy Gratitude Day!

elizabeth XOXO


Naomi I'm thankful for all the wisdom my Father tought me amazing man rest in love and peace
In thankful for love... to give love
to receive love
I'm thankful for my...
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Calling All Lightworkers! Join Me For Healing Fountain Day

This week's Healing Venue

If this is your first time here & you don't know what this is about CLICK HERE to read this post first

Today and for the Christmas period we are sending healing to the fountain in Saba'a Baḥrāt Square in Damascus, SYRIA where I am sure there are many souls in need of love and healing. As this is a war zone and there has been so much pain please use the meditation to first protect yourself and then to send energy. At the end of your work remember to cleanse your energy through, anything you have picked up that doesn't belong to you shake it off and come back to your own center.  Click on the link below to help you send healing energy to the planet. I will be sending energy at 4.44PM EST on Thursday 24th December, 2015, but remember that you don't have to stick with a time - there is no time in the ethers. Simply join me at any time in your time zone to send healing to the planet and to all who live on her.

* Thank you to...

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