Being a Light Worker, Why Crystals Break: Your Psychic Questions Answered

Q+A Light Worker and Psychic Questions Answered - Facebook Live

Join me weekly on Tuesdays at NOON New York Time on my FB page LIVE. This week we talked about being a Light Worker, the Ego, and about being the light, why crystal break, plus a meditation to call in the light and receive a gift from our Spirit Team letting us know they are always there. Links mentioned - get a free gift on my website (invite your Spirit Team to guide you) - - come to my Intuition Playshop at the Omega Institute this July - see you there!

Posted by Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love on Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Cynthia Hello Elizabeth. Thank you for this so much. I didn't even know you did these talks! SUPER HAPPY!! I did this meditation and as soon as you said to "where's the tension", I felt like I was drowning, I was gasping for air, but I wasn't. But I felt a...
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Q+A Your Psychic Questions Answered

Your Psychic Gifts Questions Answered

Hello Angels Check below for the color meditation link I mentioned. I've answered some of the questions you asked me about your psychic gifts, plus there's a lovely meditation to help you connect with a special being of light and receive a gift Thanks for joining me live, we'll do it again same time same place next week, please spread the word

Posted by Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love on Tuesday, March 28, 2017



Hung Morin Hi Elizabeth, very nice to talk with you. I have just lost my job for a stupid reason. But, this is not matter. The main problem is that I have no desire to find new job. I don't know the reason although I having nothing to spend without job. What happened to me?
Sofia I was able to connect to my mum in spirit, she was gone when I turn 15 years old.
She gave me the gif of Abudance, whatever that really means I do not know.
The angels where waving their hands and it came a Song to my mind,...
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Q & A: What you most want to know about your Psychic Gifts - Week 1

This is a recording of the first set of questions I received based on what you most want to know about your psychic gifts.

I received so many questions that I'm splitting them up and will chat with you again next week live on Facebook and will post the recordings after the sessions here on my website. Hope you enjoy the session!

If you want to develop your sensitivities try my Color Meditation to help you intuit what's ahead for you.

Grab my FREE GIFT to help you tune into your personal month and year colors.

Love you 
elizabeth XOXO


Renata Hello Elizabeth,

I participated in your color meditation video today... Jesus Christ came to me during the meditation with a beautiful pink ray light beam... I had a real vision of it and it was beautiful...

Thank you for your videos...

Christina Thank you Elizabeth! Thank you so much! I love how I feel when I hear your voice. I am so open to learning more! I felt the white light around me and I felt...
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Your Psychic Gifts: What are your Burning Questions?

I would LOVE to schedule a Facebook Live chat with you all for tomorrow Saturday March 18th) around 11:00AM EST about your psychic gifts or what you might believe to be psychic, but you're not sure.

Do you have any burning questions?

It's a bit of a broad subject I know, but I'm feeling a nudge from my Guides and Angels so I'm going with it. Let's see what questions you have, these are not personal, it's about psychic energy, anything you don't understand, pop your questions in the comments below then I can bring them to our Q & A session.

If you're not on Facebook not to worry. I'll record the session and will post here later. Thank you!

Love you 
elizabeth XOXO


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Donna Is the quantum field the communication field of the psychic? Or how is it related to psychic ability?
sherry hall How do...
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I see the angelic energy in the auric fields of Angel Messengers. It's the most beautiful golden yellow and I love it when I get to see and feel it.

I've been working with the Angels for many years, but I didn’t consciously choose to be their messenger. They chose me and maybe they've chosen you too.

Do You Need To Be Trained To Be An Angel Messenger?

The best training comes directly from your Angels, so if you have a fabulous connection then you're good to go. For those who are unsure or lack confidence in your connection then one of the biggest challenges can be learning how to communicate with this largely unseen realm, and then how to interpret what you receive. We'll get onto that later. 

9 Clues That You're Already Working With Your Angels

You may already be communicating with your Angels and don't even realize it. Here are 9 ways you might be working with them right now:

1. When someone is in need whether you know them or not, do you offer support,...

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Meditation Minute to Release Pain


Last week I shared that my soul needs more enlightenment. This week my guides and Angels inspired me to create this meditation to begin the work of releasing pain.

Focus on one thing that is causing you pain, that is getting in the way of your success, happiness and joy, then join the meditation with the intention of letting it go. This MEDITATION MINUTE might be short, but it packs a punch. 
Please share in the comments below your experience with this meditation. Thank you! 


Sharon  I felt like you were talking just me I felt so relaxed everything fell into place it was just perfect thank U thank U for all your blessings all your gifting and all your sharing the world needs it sending love right back to you
Sharon  I felt like you were talking just me I felt so relaxed everything fell into place it was just perfect thank U thank U for all your blessings all your gifting and all your sharing the world needs it sending love right back to...
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A Love Letter Message from Elizabeth


I've been getting a strong message from my guides and angels on the direction my work needs to take this year - and it was kind of a surprise to me.

I had my own ideas but it seems the "light" has another agenda. Once I let go of my resistance it felt completely in alignment with my soul's purpose.

Instead of writing about it...

...I wanted to share my thoughts in a conversation with you. I recorded a video to let you in on what's been coming up for me.

Maybe what I have to share resonates with you too. I'd love your feedback. Watch the video and please share your thoughts in the comments below.

LOVE + Blessings 
elizabeth XOXO



Patricia Hello Dear Elizabeth it was really great and an spiritual journey for me to listen to your love letter because this has been the way in which I have been feeling lately also, with a spiritual life very very long and working daily to cleanse my energy I found myself at this point in the middle of this big change too,...
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Soul Rainbow Silk Live Painting & Angel Reading

Facebook Live painting of a Soul Rainbow silk. Intuit the shapes, symbols and meanings as I tune in and paint on the silk. For the included ANGEL CARD READING select card 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 for a message from your angels, plus intuit the color associated with your number.

You can also click on the LIKE and SHARE button on the video to share the video with your friends on Facebook - how cool is that!

Let me know in the comments below if you intuited the colors and if the Angel Messages resonate for you too.

LOVE + blessings to U! 
XOXO elizabeth

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Michelle Sorry this is ty the rainbow silk again.. When I said this is the Melissa, was becouse I am actuly Michelle.. I was humming Michelle my bell.. You mentioned music.. Tytyty I love you ??
Michelle Hello my fellow Angel this is the...
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Message from your ANGELS

This morning I asked my guides what to write to you. I was directed to select some angel cards. When I ask and get an answer I'm not hearing someone tell me - at least not in this instance. Instead I found my gaze wandering to my cards and I knew that the answer was to pull a couple.

This is what came up, it's a message for all of us as we travel through this month of transformation and change.

Surrender & Release

Let go of anything or anyone you've been holding onto. You can't take them with you - they have to want to go - and by wanting them to come with you on your terms you're just trying to control their lives. We all have choices and while we might think the choices made by someone else are "wrong" we cannot take that choice away from them. That's how we learn, that's how we know what is right for us.

Focus on what you need to release, what is holding you back, what's in the way of your success, what are you carrying with you from the past that no longer serves...

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A Message from the Butterflies

I've been concerned about how many Monarch butterflies I've not seen. Only one of these beauties made it to my garden this year. I thought that maybe my intention to nurture the milkweed plant so the Monarchs would have a place to breed was too little too late, but apparently this isn't the issue.

It seems the problem - as I understand it - is that a combination of genetically modified fruit and vegetable seeds plus bug killing fertilizer is to blame for wiping out 95% of the butterfly population.

As I spent part of this morning in photoshop creating a thumbnail image my mind wandered into my imagination. I began to wonder what the Divine would have changed if photoshop had been available at the beginning of time. Maybe all the wrinkles on an elephants skin would have been photoshoped out, or the leaves as they change from green to gold would be one color instead of many, or maybe sunsets would be every color of the...

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