Do You Ask And Get What You Want?


Could you feel the intense build-up of energy from the Scorpio New Super Moon?

At this time of year, we welcome the opportunity for transformation, rebirth, and awakening.

Yet no two moments are the same, that's the adventure of life isn't it, and no two luna energies are the same either.

Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, welcomes in a time of change, but it's not always pretty and can result in tempers flaring and pushed buttons that can be hurtful for yourself and others.

I experienced this today. An angry comment from someone, but I realize I attracted this negativity into my life for a reason...

...why would I have done that you might ask?  

A Super-sized Moon in Scorpio will highlight your shadow side encouraging it to rise to the surface.

It's all part of the cleansing and can be profoundly cathartic provided you recognize what this energy is about.

I created a Crystal Grid yesterday with my intention to let go and clear hidden fears and blocks on my path.  As soon as...

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3 Crystals To Support & Empower You During Heightened Venus, New & Full Moon Energies

This is an opportune time to clear emotional blocks, and reassess who and what we want in our lives. While focusing on the planetary shifts and the impending full and new moons I invited my guides to share three crystals that would help us ride the wave of energy. The general message from them is to take advantage of this natural flow to move backward and inward, while awakening desires we nurtured previously and did not fulfill.



white crystal on brown wooden table

The first crystal to support you is Morganite, a pale pink stone that oozes gentleness. Morganite will support your journey through your connection with Venus, planet of love and compassion, finances and comfort. It won’t take away the pain of growth, or the relationship turmoil that goes with it, but it will wrap you in cotton candy while you figure out what you most want in your life. 

Pink is the color of unconditional love. Wearing pink can help to open the inner recesses of your heart. This has at least two effects: It can...

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Are You Affected by the Full Moon? Your Psychic Questions Answered

Q+A Moon Energy, Psychic Questions and an Inner Child healing

In this week's meet up we discussed the energy of the Moon and its impact on you, included a couple of questions about seeing visions and dreams, and went through a meditation to connect your awareness of light with the energy of the Full Moon to bring healing for your Inner Child. Please share the video with your community and let me know what gift you received during the meditation. 

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Cynthia Also, my gift was a basket - I have NO clue what that means.....yet.
Cynthia Thank you again for a wonderful video!   There's so much I want to share, but I'll try to keep it short and sweet. For about the past 5 yrs I have gotten goosebumps on just my scalp. It's feels so wierd and it's completely random. Now I'm wondering if that is my...
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