Do You Ask And Get What You Want?


Could you feel the intense build-up of energy from the Scorpio New Super Moon?

At this time of year, we welcome the opportunity for transformation, rebirth, and awakening.

Yet no two moments are the same, that's the adventure of life isn't it, and no two luna energies are the same either.

Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, welcomes in a time of change, but it's not always pretty and can result in tempers flaring and pushed buttons that can be hurtful for yourself and others.

I experienced this today. An angry comment from someone, but I realize I attracted this negativity into my life for a reason...

...why would I have done that you might ask?  

A Super-sized Moon in Scorpio will highlight your shadow side encouraging it to rise to the surface.

It's all part of the cleansing and can be profoundly cathartic provided you recognize what this energy is about.

I created a Crystal Grid yesterday with my intention to let go and clear hidden fears and blocks on my path.  As soon as...

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Ask Your Guides and Angels


I've found myself out of sorts today. The election is going on in the US and the energy around it is seeping into my consciousness. 

We are light and energy beings, and even though we live by our intuitive guidance and spiritual laws, we are also subject to the rules and boundaries of the physical world and the place we call home. 

Not that this is a bad thing, but it can interrupt the flow of being in your own beautiful, peaceful, sparkly space.

When I don't know what to do, I ask my guides for help with a question:

What do I need to do to get myself back into alignment? 

When you ask you receive, but it's not necessarily a big booming voice...

What came to me was an urge to grab a piece of amethsyt, then another, and another, until I'd picked up four pieces in various forms. 

I felt the need to place these around me, like a grid, or protective boundary. It felt good, but I wasn't finished.

I found myself slipping a chunk of Selenite into the...

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Itโ€™s Time To Nurture Your Gifts


The beauty of a new journey is that you never know where you’ll end up, who you’ll meet, or how you’ll transform as you awaken to the possibilities of your gifts.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for you to connect with your guide angels as they support you in your voyage through life.

Something within you led you to be part of this community. Some voice inside told you that you have to get in touch with your gifts.

Have you felt a profound yearning to understand the energy that permeates through your heart and soul?

Do you find your mind drifting off, imagining shapes, patterns, and even energy?

The world we live in today doesn’t always foster an enriching environment where we can tap into our power. But I want you to know that here, amongst lightworkers, you have the freedom and support to feel nurtured so you can learn to live in a world of possibilities.


purple and white heart shaped stones

I think...

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3 Crystals To Support & Empower You During Heightened Venus, New & Full Moon Energies

This is an opportune time to clear emotional blocks, and reassess who and what we want in our lives. While focusing on the planetary shifts and the impending full and new moons I invited my guides to share three crystals that would help us ride the wave of energy. The general message from them is to take advantage of this natural flow to move backward and inward, while awakening desires we nurtured previously and did not fulfill.



white crystal on brown wooden table

The first crystal to support you is Morganite, a pale pink stone that oozes gentleness. Morganite will support your journey through your connection with Venus, planet of love and compassion, finances and comfort. It won’t take away the pain of growth, or the relationship turmoil that goes with it, but it will wrap you in cotton candy while you figure out what you most want in your life. 

Pink is the color of unconditional love. Wearing pink can help to open the inner recesses of your heart. This has at least two effects: It can...

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๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’žJanuary Crystal Messages with Elizabeth Harper ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’ž

January Crystal Messages with Elizabeth Harper

Happy New Year! We're in a 4 year and a 5 month, wonderful for balancing the practical side of life with freedom. Select crystal 1,2, or 3 for a message. You can listen to all the inspiration or move to your personal crystal message:

CRYSTAL 1: 1:47

CRYSTAL 2: 5:05

CRYSTAL 3: 10:10

Did the messages speak to you? Let me know with a comment, a or a YES! Spread the love. Let others know they can pick a message.



Welcome, I'm Elizabeth Harper and I'm here with this month's crystal scope. So this month we have a new year, don't we, starting with 2020. It's a four year, so this can be about building foundations traditionally. But for me, four is the energy of Uranus. If you know about Uranus, it's anything can happen. It's the unexpected, its all kinds of different things. Freedom, energy of freedom. So what I'd love you to do is tune in to your guides, tune into your higher self, your angels, your connection to...

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I got my first crystal ball on my twelfth birthday. I expected to see images the same way I see spirit, but instead I saw an aura around it. I noticed that each crystal I got had a different aura but the light had the same quality. I realized that quality linked with communication and felt that all of my crystals were communicating with each other as if they had their own secret phone network.

Around 20 years ago I invited a Feng Shui expert to come to my home. He told me I needed to move my office into my bedroom and my bedroom into my living room. He also had me place specific crystals in key areas of my home. He came highly recommended - he was Madonna's expert so that's got to be good right! Interestingly though his techniques didn't work for me. You see my energy was too strong for the few crystals he used in his placements. I could completely resist their power, I knew their language! And it's because I know their language that I have successfully combined crystals with...

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7 Ways to Use the Power of Amethyst

One of my favorites crystals is Amethyst. I think it's the color that attracted me to it first The way the light hits a cluster is so mysterious and mystical all at the same time. I use it to cleanse my jewelry. Simply place one or two pieces on a cluster, leave it to do its magic for 24 hours, and hey presto, clean as a whistle! I don’t know exactly how it works, but energetically anything I leave on my cluster always feels as if it has just been through a wash cycle. I have Amethyst dotted around my office. A cluster sleeps next to my computer to cleanse the energy coming and going from it. I feel intuitively that it's about color. Most Amethyst is a rich violet, the color of change, so whenever you want to go through change or you need support as you tackle the energy of change then carry a piece with you or pop a piece inside your bed pillow.

Amethyst was once considered a precious stone. It's known as the “Stone of Spirit,” mirroring the color of the crown...

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