What is the Universe telling you?

I love being out in nature and miss the connection during the winter months.

Win and I seized the opportunity today, we took advantage of the warmth to get out and play some golf.

Wherever I am, my spiritual and intuitive self observes the energy, noting any signs the universe might be sending me.

In the Soul Circle this month we're focusing on Nature Spirits.

When you focus on something energy moves toward it. You become aware of links that you might not have observed otherwise.

For instance, I picked up the top of an acorn from the golf cart floor. It might seem meaningless to the casual observer, but I had a strong feeling it was a gift from the fairies.

Do you ever hear the birds calling and know exactly what their energy is saying, even though you can't prove it?

I love communicating with nature, it's so profoundly personal.

As you raise your consciousness, your awareness of all life heightens, and once you've opened this part of yourself up, there is no turning back.

I'll leave you...

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Do Trees Feel Pain?

We had an ice and snow storm this week. It cut our electricity and took out the Internet too. We're so protected in our homes that we're not always aware of what is going on outside in nature.

We live on land with lots of trees. The pine trees look beautiful with the ice all over them, the heavy snow pulls their branches down to the ground. The problem is the weight of water is so heavy it can snap their branches.

And if you're sensitive you can feel their pain

Everything has energy, everything is alive and everything has a consciousness to a degree. We just have different levels of consciousness. So you're probably not going to have a conversation about the stock market with a tree, but you can feel its stories, its wisdom and its love. Trees hold the history of the area. They connect with the other trees and plants, birds and insects, rocks and soil. 

Whenever you feel "ungrounded" go hug a tree!

Many of our trees lost their branches this week. One pine lost its top....

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