What is the Universe telling you?

I love being out in nature and miss the connection during the winter months.

Win and I seized the opportunity today, we took advantage of the warmth to get out and play some golf.

Wherever I am, my spiritual and intuitive self observes the energy, noting any signs the universe might be sending me.

In the Soul Circle this month we're focusing on Nature Spirits.

When you focus on something energy moves toward it. You become aware of links that you might not have observed otherwise.

For instance, I picked up the top of an acorn from the golf cart floor. It might seem meaningless to the casual observer, but I had a strong feeling it was a gift from the fairies.

Do you ever hear the birds calling and know exactly what their energy is saying, even though you can't prove it?

I love communicating with nature, it's so profoundly personal.

As you raise your consciousness, your awareness of all life heightens, and once you've opened this part of yourself up, there is no turning back.

I'll leave you...

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Are You Guided By Your Intuition?


When I first started on the professional path as a clairvoyant and healer, I asked my father if he'd lend me the money for the downpayment on an office. He gave me his shrewd look and with a smile asked, "Well, what do your Tarot cards say? Do they say I'll give you the loan or not?" I immediately told him I'd already done a reading for myself and they'd said YES, he'd give me the loan. He laughed and then wrote me a check.

But some years later I was surprised that he asked when I would get a "proper job," one with a consistent income and pension. I knew in that moment that while he supported my dreams, he also feared for my well being, and it was all based on his own experiences.

People can sometimes define you by who they are. If you're different from them, they might try to persuade you to change the decisions you make purely based on their own experiences and fears.


woman standing beside lake under white sky


This makes me think of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave," where people are imprisoned and live...

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How Does Loneliness Impact You?


I've been thinking about loneliness and how the current way of living is impacting so many people in isolation.

Have you been feeling lost and lonely?

The signs aren't always obvious. You may not even realize how affected you've been.

We are energy beings. Oneness is our natural state. When we lose connection we can sometimes lose ourselves in that void.

A shift in energy can change this. How?

Yesterday, I joined one of my Soul Circle chats. It was wonderful! We shared, laughed, and connected, something many of us have learned to do virtually during this time with friends and family, but what about being in an environment that feeds your needs?


It's a panacea for the soul to be among those on the same wavelength.

When the Soul Circle sprang to life my intention focused purely on clearing energy as a group so we would continue to heal and grow.

But it's so much more and has become an important part of my world.

I hadn't realized how special it...

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The Divine Plan Is More Light


Our Daffodils are blossoming, such a beautiful and happy yellow. Flowers always bring a smile to my soul at this time of year as the earth changes.

You bring me enormous happiness too, especially when I know my work has touched your life in a meaningful way.

This past week I've received some wonderful messages letting me know how much the meditations I've created over the years have impacted and changed lives.

Who would've thought something so simple as meditation could have such a profound effect, but the thing is, it does.

It's an incredibly powerful tool, more so when done with others. Joint intention and focus guides the transformative energy.



Today, I had a lovely meeting with some of my Soul Circle members online. We chatted, laughed, experienced a virtual hug of love.

Families across the globe are connecting in this way, and then it occurred to me, something I've thought about for some time.

You know, the technology we're using to connect, that was dreamed up...

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What's Going On Around You?

Have you ever looked at nature and felt a deep connection in your soul, one that dissolves boundaries, dispels separation and joins you as one with all natural elements, so you can understand from within the wisdom of the natural world?

I experience this on most days. It can almost feel like a longing. Simply giving yourself the space to align with the divine in all things, can make this experience second nature to you. I expect as an empath, healer, intuitive, it already is!

One of the lessons of the Sacred Connections course, we tuned in to everything linked with nature, fairies, and the elementals in the space around us.

Think about that for a moment.

white book on table


What's around you now?

Crystals, plants, maybe a Tarot deck with fairies, salt lamp, glass of water, candles, etc. You're already making the connection, drawing to you pieces of nature. Can you sense the difference in the energy between say a crystal and your phone, or a plant and a lamp?

Which objects...
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