How Does Loneliness Impact You?


I've been thinking about loneliness and how the current way of living is impacting so many people in isolation.

Have you been feeling lost and lonely?

The signs aren't always obvious. You may not even realize how affected you've been.

We are energy beings. Oneness is our natural state. When we lose connection we can sometimes lose ourselves in that void.

A shift in energy can change this. How?

Yesterday, I joined one of my Soul Circle chats. It was wonderful! We shared, laughed, and connected, something many of us have learned to do virtually during this time with friends and family, but what about being in an environment that feeds your needs?


It's a panacea for the soul to be among those on the same wavelength.

When the Soul Circle sprang to life my intention focused purely on clearing energy as a group so we would continue to heal and grow.

But it's so much more and has become an important part of my world.

I hadn't realized how special it...

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When is The Second Coming of Christ?

I live in upstate New York where the winter can be really harsh. Last year the snow was so high I had to dig my way to the bird feeder. It's not like that this year! We actually hit 70 degrees on Monday when it would usually be around 20 degrees, can you believe that? What on earth is happening? Well apart from the El Nino effect bringing warmer weather to the north east, I do feel this is all part of the change the planet and everyone living on her is going through. 

In the late 1980's I used to do a type of trance mediumship called inspirational speaking or channeling as its called in the US. Whenever I got the sensation of a peanut stuck in my throat I knew someone in spirit was ready to speak through me.  Of course I'd do this when no one was there to hear me. I'd listen to myself speaking - weird for some, not for me - and the information was always about the changes coming up over the next few decades.

One day I realized...
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