What Happens When We Fail To Honor Our Differences?


Misunderstandings and hurt feelings = an opportunity to heal.

It's not always easy to navigate emotional pain, especially when it can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

I was reading a post about a healing event with an array of well-known authors.

I noticed a conversation that piqued my interest. It began with a woman who said that one of the presenters made her feel uncomfortable.

There was a response from another follower who said, "You're  wrong!"

This made me think.

Why tell someone they're wrong about their own personal experience?

While it can come from a place of love, we can be conditioned from an early age to second guess our own and someone else's wisdom.

Being told what to do is part of growing up, but it can filter through into what we consider to be the norm.


woman sitting on swing

Were you ever told you were wrong as a child? Do you remember how that felt?

Telling someone that their experience is wrong potentially separates them from their own intuition,...

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You Are One Of My Blessings


Today, I wrote 3 things I'm grateful for in my diary:

I'm grateful for the life I lead, for my husband and family, and I'm grateful for you.

That's right! You're a big part of my life and if you weren't in it there would be a HUGE void.

Alan Cohen said, "Gratitude, like faith, is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it grows."

Having an attitude of gratitude is a key component of healing. It can alleviate stress, calm a worried mind, awaken feelings of self-love, and as a wonderful side effect, offers alignment with the bounty of the universe.

As you ponder your existence today, think of all the transformative experiences and events that have shaped you into the amazing soul that you are. Your life is a blessing and something to be grateful for.

You might remember challenging times and wonder why you would be grateful for them. Remember, if a particle of sand didn't irritate the oyster then we would not have the gift of the pearl. 

Now it's your...

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How Does Loneliness Impact You?


I've been thinking about loneliness and how the current way of living is impacting so many people in isolation.

Have you been feeling lost and lonely?

The signs aren't always obvious. You may not even realize how affected you've been.

We are energy beings. Oneness is our natural state. When we lose connection we can sometimes lose ourselves in that void.

A shift in energy can change this. How?

Yesterday, I joined one of my Soul Circle chats. It was wonderful! We shared, laughed, and connected, something many of us have learned to do virtually during this time with friends and family, but what about being in an environment that feeds your needs?


It's a panacea for the soul to be among those on the same wavelength.

When the Soul Circle sprang to life my intention focused purely on clearing energy as a group so we would continue to heal and grow.

But it's so much more and has become an important part of my world.

I hadn't realized how special it...

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The Divine Plan Is More Light


Our Daffodils are blossoming, such a beautiful and happy yellow. Flowers always bring a smile to my soul at this time of year as the earth changes.

You bring me enormous happiness too, especially when I know my work has touched your life in a meaningful way.

This past week I've received some wonderful messages letting me know how much the meditations I've created over the years have impacted and changed lives.

Who would've thought something so simple as meditation could have such a profound effect, but the thing is, it does.

It's an incredibly powerful tool, more so when done with others. Joint intention and focus guides the transformative energy.



Today, I had a lovely meeting with some of my Soul Circle members online. We chatted, laughed, experienced a virtual hug of love.

Families across the globe are connecting in this way, and then it occurred to me, something I've thought about for some time.

You know, the technology we're using to connect, that was dreamed up...

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You Chose To Be Here, Now What?


Have you noticed how much we've changed in the past few years, with various movements bringing awareness and a voice to those who have largely been ignored?

Problems arise when we think of ourselves as separate from victims and perpetrators.

My belief is there is no separation, we are ONE. And while this may not be a popular opinion, I believe we choose on a soul level to be the catalyst for change.



Globally this perception that we are separated by race or any other difference between us, does not reflect my value of equality.

We are all equal, and until this is embraced on a planetary level, humanity can't grow.

As human beings, we can stand by or take a stand.

While there may be a desire to judge, we all play a role in what is happening in our world, whether directly or as a witness to it.

We can make a difference in our actions and reactions to what we know is an injustice, not just with current events, but with all acts that display inequality.


red and white i m a little girl i m a little girl i m a m


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