Healing Temple - Midweek Message


I picked a card for you today! It's time to rejuvenate your energy system. Relax, breathe in the lifeforce energy, the prana that is all around you. Rest in the unconditional love of your angel's embrace.


The Healing Temple is a safe haven, a nurturing space where you feel uninterrupted by day-to-day living. Your soul is inviting you to take a journey to this sacred space within.


On the banks of the lake is a guide, your angel, or maybe your Higher Self, waiting to support and guide you to this place of peace and serenity.


Notice the blue, violet, green, and white, high vibrational colors, inviting your heart to let go into the light.


Close your eyes and imagine bathing in the temple's light, receiving healing from light beings within the sanctuary.

Healing is 50% awareness. Once you are aware of the issue you are halfway to healing it. I invite you to read more about Healing Hues.

You are safe, you are healed, you are loved.


Remember to...

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Fith Ray of Intellectual Knowledge - Midweek Message


I chose a card for you today. The Fifth Ray of Intellectual Knowledge shows that something in your life hasn't been clear, there's been confusion and you need clarity.



Archangel Raphael can help you find the truth you're seeking, guide you to make decisions from the heart.


Interestingly, this angel has been popping up in the past 48 hours. We're focusing on healing this month in my Soul Circle, and the first meditation we did yesterday was with Archangel Raphael.


Then this morning, I felt a nudge to share with my Love Letter subscribers the Archangel Raphael Meditation I channeled many moons ago.


It seems we are all in need of healing on some level right now, and Archangel Raphael is answering the call.


You're being guided to navigate illusion to find the truth. It's not always easy when you're emotionally involved to discern truth, so you may need to step back for a while, clear your mind, let the light of clarity fill your vision.

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Angel of Love - Midweek Message


I picked a card for you today. Angel of Love holds a Rose Quartz heart in her hands, a message that love is there for you, within reach.



You are always surrounded by love even when it doesn't seem like it. The universe loves you, your angels and guides, loved ones in spirit, family, friends, people you work with, they all love and have love for you. They may not tell you every day, love is the energy that draws you into each other's lives.


Have you told yourself that you love YOU today?

It's a simple yet powerful thing to do. It can change the way you feel in an instant from despair to hope, from feelings of unworthiness to knowing how valued you are.


If you have a piece of Rose Quartz, hold it now and let its energy fill your heart, then place it under your pillow and invite it to infuse your energy field with unconditional love as you sleep. From this point on make an intention to see only love in everyone, everything, and most especially, in...

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