Manifestation Tips from the Soul Circle


I started this chat today by asking for guidance on what to share. I went to my Soul Circle membership and found one of the lessons inside the MANIFESTATION MOJO course.

I share with you some tips on how to manifest your heart's desires. 

 Share your insights, intuitions, wisdom, in the comments

Join us inside the Soul Circle, for more courses, meditation, live sessions, and an amazing community of lightworkers. Enrollment ends Wednesday 12th January 2022.


Thank you so much for watching. I will see you tomorrow with more from the Soul Circle.

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO 



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Everything Is Energy And It All Has a Vibration


Every day I go out to feed the birds. There's always the one who says "thank you!"

We are keepers for the earth, her garden, and all who live on her.

We have this wonderful intelligence, that offers us the opportunity to make a choice about who we show up to be each day.

We can be the healer, wise woman, lover, mother, and sometimes the victim.

Patterns are being created in the heavens by celestial bodies, lining up something of a rollercoaster for our emotions.


silhouette photo of mountain during night time

Remember the saying, the wise one understands the stars, and the fool is ruled by them.

When we as a global community get all bent out of shape because of a planet's movement - or anything for that matter - then we create a combined force of inevitability.

My point is, thought creates.

If you're concerned that Mercury Retrograde will stop you from communicating with your loved ones, then you'll be right.

If you worry about the possible relationship problems you might have when planets collide, then you'll be right....

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Breaking the Manifestation Code


Tomorrow is a beautiful SUPERMOON in Gemini at 22 degrees 44 minutes. It tickled me pink when I realized the transiting lunar numbers for this celestial event.

Double digits are known as MASTER numbers. 2 is a lunar vibration anyway and 4 is Uranus. I talked about both of these energies recently with my ONE SOUL members. Uranus is on a 7-year cycle of aligning our hearts with our soul's desires, awakening our gifts and really showing us how as creators we can have an impact on global consciousness.

Have you been getting gentle nudges from your spirit team?

My spirit team - my angels and guides - have been nudging me to begin work on a program that popped into my awareness a few years ago. The New Moon energy is the perfect time to start. 

Once I made the decision to step into creation mode, new opportunities suddenly emerged in alignment with my chosen path.

Coincidence? I think not! 

This is what happens when you wholeheartedly say YES to not just your heart's desires,...

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Follow Your HEART

My husband Win has been learning to sing the last few years. It's been a passion of his since he was a child, but he didn't pursue it. Instead it seemed to get put to the back of his heart while he did other things that were also heart's desires.

Then one day his soul knew it was time.

This morning he sent me a message that he'd received, this is what it said

"What if, your greatest success in this lifetime is to come from a completely unexpected field, and it will be made possible because you followed your heart in all of the expected fields?"

A little light went on in my head when I read this and I knew I needed to share it with you.

Following your heart can often bring you back to a childhood dream - in a roundabout way - and something that is destined to be your greatest success.

Don't give up on your heart's desires no matter what age you are, your financial situation, where you live, how your health is, etc. What's in your heart propels you forward and keeps you on track.


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I got my first crystal ball on my twelfth birthday. I expected to see images the same way I see spirit, but instead I saw an aura around it. I noticed that each crystal I got had a different aura but the light had the same quality. I realized that quality linked with communication and felt that all of my crystals were communicating with each other as if they had their own secret phone network.

Around 20 years ago I invited a Feng Shui expert to come to my home. He told me I needed to move my office into my bedroom and my bedroom into my living room. He also had me place specific crystals in key areas of my home. He came highly recommended - he was Madonna's expert so that's got to be good right! Interestingly though his techniques didn't work for me. You see my energy was too strong for the few crystals he used in his placements. I could completely resist their power, I knew their language! And it's because I know their language that I have successfully combined crystals with...

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