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I LOVE to look at the stars, how about you?

Sometimes with a longing in my heart. Do you get that too? Do you long to return home to the stars? Maybe you have that sense that you belong somewhere else in the cosmos, I get that often.

There's a particular area I like to look at. With no ambient light, it's easy to stargaze.

You come from the stars, did you know that? You have a little stardust within you, so it wouldn't be surprising if you found yourself lost among them sometimes.

I like to think of our chakras as stars. Light vortexes, filled with energy, reflecting your consciousness, healing journey, and awakened self. 



Your chakras live in the home of your energy body, they are doorways into your internal world and can be revealed in surprising places in your external world.

I'm in the process of decluttering my work and home spaces. Everything as far as I'm concerned is a reflection of my inner world.

Want to learn more about how your chakras are...

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What's Going On Around You?

Have you ever looked at nature and felt a deep connection in your soul, one that dissolves boundaries, dispels separation and joins you as one with all natural elements, so you can understand from within the wisdom of the natural world?

I experience this on most days. It can almost feel like a longing. Simply giving yourself the space to align with the divine in all things, can make this experience second nature to you. I expect as an empath, healer, intuitive, it already is!

One of the lessons of the Sacred Connections course, we tuned in to everything linked with nature, fairies, and the elementals in the space around us.

Think about that for a moment.

white book on table


What's around you now?

Crystals, plants, maybe a Tarot deck with fairies, salt lamp, glass of water, candles, etc. You're already making the connection, drawing to you pieces of nature. Can you sense the difference in the energy between say a crystal and your phone, or a plant and a lamp?

Which objects...
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Healing Hues

We each contain cells marked with the essence of who we are. Their wellbeing is directly connected to the energy we feed them. Nourishing our cells with the right vitamins and nutrients can increase and maintain optimum health.


But what if we could do more?

At the fundamental level we are light. When light is split by a prism the result is a rainbow. Close your eyes and imagine that you are pure white light. Visualize a prism in front of you and picture your light flowing effortlessly through it. As it does this it creates a rainbow on the other side. Look carefully at your rainbow.

Is there a missing color?
Is one color more dominant than the others?
Are any colors dull?

 person holding clear glass tube


A missing color is like omitting a vitamin or mineral from your diet, eventually the lack of this nutrient color can affect you on many different levels.

For example, red missing from your rainbow can indicate a lack of energy, fear of change, slow functioning elimination, and cold...

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3 Tips To Prevent Burn Out For Psychics, Healers, and Sensitives

Many people are new to working with their sensitivity and enter into a spiritual practice without an understanding of good groundwork. I believe basic safety requirements are essential to good practice. Most working psychics realize this, but not all. Here are some ground rules and sage advice to follow:

1. When your body is tired don’t compromise yourself, stop working.

persons feet on white flowers

Any kind of work can be tiring for the body, but when you work with energy it can drain your circuits even more. If you have difficulty getting your energy back up to an optimal level then it’s a message that it’s time to rest.   

Ground Rules:

  • Rest
  • Eat good food
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take vitamin C (I am also being told by my guides to take zinc supplements)
  • Have a shower or bath with Epsom salts
  • Walk barefoot in the garden and reconnect with the earth
  • Take 24 hours away from all electromagnetic equipment
  • Meditate just to connect and not to work

2. If you feel uneasy in someone...

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Loving Reflections


A few months ago I was sent a website link showing images of water impacted by a variety of positive and negative thoughts. Some of the images are beautiful, while others display an almost destructive energy. The most effective purpose of these pictures is to awaken within each of us the realization that, on a cellular level, they reflect our reaction to the power of thought.  

Any anatomy student will tell you that we are made up of at least 70 percent water. As "water babies" we need to be aware that our thoughts affect not only our own beings, but the mind, body and spirit of others as well.


woman wearing gray long-sleeved shirt facing the sea


Thought is energy, so when you have a positive thought it gives you a boost. When you think negatively it drains you. Think how much energy you would have if you only thought positive things.

This month become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Firstly, consider the thoughts you have about yourself. Play with this energy. Set aside some time to be with...

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